Welcome to VTES European Championship 2018!

24-26 August, Warsaw, Poland


As they say: "Third time's a charm!"

I'd like to extend my sincerest thanks for the ability to organize EC in Poland once more.

Year 2017 and Championship in Berlin have shown that our beloved game is not only alive, it also has the power to rise even oldest of Methuselahs from their slumber. I've had a pleasure of meeting and talking to numerous people who have dusted off their decks and traveled far and wide to reach the EC in Berlin and play VTES for the first time in years (we can't forget the fact that its open format and reprints have helped here).

To me personally, the number of attendants at EC 2017 was quite a pleasant surprise and a motivational kick to organize another tournament. And here I'd like to touch the most important part of this too long introduction.

The moment organization of next EC was assigned to Poland I knew it would be my last Championship as an organizer. I know that recent years in VTES for me personally were full of dust and disorder in my cards, my free time is dedicated to other endavours. Those who know me also know that when I set to do something, I do it right or not at all. That's why I've decided to say farewell to you by organizing fantastic tournament for fantastic people that are VTES players.

I encourage you to take part in EC 2018. This webpage will provide all the relevant information that will be updated accordingly.

I hope to see you all once again - with those who I knew for years I'll drink a goodbye drink, and with those who visit Poland for the first time, too!

Cheers and see you soon!

- Szewski